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Deck Stain Pro - Deck Stain Reviews, Articles, & Videos - Review the Best Deck Stains and Worst Deck Stains available on the Market; for hardwood, lumber, timber, composite and wood decking.
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Who We Are

Deck Stain Pro is a resource site for deck owners looking for the best deck stains on the market. As a full disclaimer, this site was created by the makers of DEFY Wood Stain. We manufacture DEFY to be the best water-based deck stain on the market, and to prove it, we showcase how our products perform over time, and compare them to the top brands. Rather than tell you how good DEFY is, we go a step beyond that to actually show you how well it performs with deck stain weathering videos showing performance over time.

Tired of staining your deck? Frustrated with deck stains that don’t work?
Have you ever wondered what’s the best deck stain? We’ve got answers.

We get it. Staining your deck takes a huge investment of time and money. What’s worse, is you put all that time into making it look nice, and 6-12 months later, it looks terrible. Deck stains never last as long as you hope, and you wish there was a way to know which stains last and which ones don’t.

That’s where we come in.

We invested a whole year into answering this question for you, and we’re happy to be able to show you the results.

Testing deck stains

We cleaned, brightened and stained pressure treated boards with some of the most well known brands on the market. Then we installed cameras over top of each board that took one photo each day. We compiled these into time lapse videos to show you how each stain held up over the course of a year. At the end of each video is a 14 month update.

In addition to our weathering videos, we’ve also got lots of great informative deck stain articles, forums, and deck stain reviews to help you get most out of your deck stain project, regardless of which stain you use. But of course our hope is, you’ll see that DEFY is the top choice when looking for water-based wood stains that not only perform extremely well, but are also good for the environment.